MPP Glover’s Town Hall—Impact of Covid-19 on Toronto’s Chinatown

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One of the byproducts of the current global pandemic has been a rise in racist sentiment towards the Chinese communities within many large cities, the world over. Inspired to reduce such intolerance in his constituency, MPP Chris Glover of Toronto, Canada came to us with a request to help him run a digital town hall to address this issue. MPP Glover’s constituency here in Toronto includes a large portion of Toronto’s iconic Chinatown.

This request was simple enough, except for one thing, MPP Glover wished to address the constituents in 3 languages simultaneously.

After some careful planning and minor development to our platform, we were able to deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience in delivering our first trilingual virtual event.

After the screenshots below, you’ll find the following details on how we pulled this off:

  • User flow/ implementation
  • Outcomes
  • Future directions

User flow

With the added complexity of 2 more simultaneous languages to cast in, it was critical to setup a streamlined process. We needed to deliver on the following attendee flow, while ensuring technology didn’t get in the way of an effortless and fruitful panel discussion about this very important issue.

User flow:

  1. Users come across a signup link via email blast, social media
  2. Users RSVP for the event
  3. 1 hr before the event, users receive an email invite to the event
  4. Users join the event on a device of their choosing, without needing to download anything
  5. Users attend the live panel, engage with questions through the live chat
  6. Users are engaged post-event via an email update


Our first trilingual virtual event was a success. Here’s a summary by the numbers:

  • Over 100 registered attendees
  • Over 150 live streams (including re-streams on other channels)
  • Approximately 35 questions (in English and Chinese script) and reactions

Future directions

With this new capacity in our platform, we’re looking at the next steps for the development and delivery of our platform. With each event, we realize the importance of creating a seamless experience, from the process of getting our clients organized for the event, to the technological implementation of the same.

From these learnings, we’ve decided to fortify our pre-event on-boarding materials. We’re working to provide more tutorials, on-boarding experiences and video explainers to ease our new clients into the platform.

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